Cultural Stereotypes

Preventing Cultural Stereotyping

There are many interventions to keep cultural stereotyping from happening. One of the best ways of preventing cultural stereotyping is teaching about different cultures at a young age. By doing this you can teach children that it is alright to be different and that they need to get to know the person before they can make any judgements on them. Another good way to prevent stereotyping is to show them what it is and how it can be hurtful, and by showing them what it is someone will fall into a category that the teacher talks about and they will actually feel what is is like to be stereotyped.

Some good ideas are to:
  • Invite individual who challenge stereotyping to speak to the class.
  • Have students read books and view videos that challenge stereotypes and address discrimination.
  • Display pictures and materials that challenge stereotypes.
  • Discuss and critique how language, books, television shows, commercials, cartoons, hokes, toys and common everyday items create and foster stereotypes. 
  • Compare items images, and words and expressions that portray various groups.
  • List and discuss stereotypes that students have about others, as well as the stereotypes that others have about them.
All these ideas can work for any age groups, but it would be best to start teaching them about these things when they are young. They need to know cultural diversity and that stereotyping can hurt. Another very good preventative to use would be role playing so that they can feel what it is like to have things said to them and have stereotypes put on them.